Francesca Urciuoli is a jewelry artist who likes to explore unconventional properties of different materials such as metals, silicon and fabric. By using the unique properties of different materials, Francesca radically defamiliarizes everyday objects; the unexpected becomes the main topic in her work. Her inquisitive approach on her work pushes her to experiment and incorporate new materials in order to find the right solution concerning her subject matter. 

Her work reflects the concept of decay, used and broken. As a metalsmith, she likes to incorporate the mokume gane technique in her jewellery pieces (she learned this technique during her recent internship at Anneville Studio in San Diego, CA; thanks to Anne Wolf, she can fuse billets and work with this technique).  This is an ancient Japanese technique used in the 17th century to adorn swords. Francesca uses this techniques in a more contemporary way, in fact, it allows her to shape and manipulate the metals, creating different patterns and surfaces. Her goal becomes to create a sense of “worn” in which the viewer and the wearer can relate their selves and create their own stories. 

 She has shown her work in different venues around Europe, such as Italy, Greece and Spain and more internationally  in the USA. 

Francesca studied at Alchimia, School of Contemporary Jewelry where she obtained her BFA, and she got her MFA at SUNY New Paltz, NY, USA. She's currently based in England, where she'd doing a residency at the Birmingham School of Jewellery.