New Designers One Year In, Business Design Centre, London UK  - June 27th -30th


2018:                   "Transitions" Artist in Residence exhibition at Victoria Street Gallery, Birmingham UK

2017:                   “Schmuck Skulptur”, Nordbahnhalle, Vienna, Austria

2017:                   “On Air”, Artist in residence exhibition at Victoria Street Gallery Birmingham, UK

2017:                    Sieraad 2017, fair of contemporary Jewellery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2017:                    “Crash, bang, wallop!” , Tragbar cafè, Munich Jewellery week, Germany

2016:                    “Made Brighton”, arts and crafts fair in Brighton, UK

2016:                    “Exhibition in motion” SNAG 2016

2015:                    "Adorn: Contemporary Wearable Art", Woman Made Gallery,  Chicago, Illinois

                             "Galerie Marzee Graduate show 2015" at Galerie Marzee, Netherlands

                             “Emergence: New Questions in Craft and Object Making” curated by Arthur Hash; at the

                              Winthrop University Galleries; South Carolina, USA

                             “The Lapse”, MFA Graduation show, S. Dorsky museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz, NY

2014:                    “Alchimia, an Anthology”, SNAG, Boston Massachusetts

                             “Staring in hindsight”, Munich in the rotunda of  Pinakothek der Moderne, Germany

 2013:                  Installation “The absence of...” at Alchimia Florence, Italy 

                             “Beginning, Middle, Endless “- Brant Gallery, College of Art and Design , Massachusetts

                              Graduation show ”Humans we are”, Alchimia, Florence, Italy

                              Exhibition “Pattern” at Marneri Gallery, Athens Greece

                              Fair Joya Barcelona, Spain

                              Fair of contemporary Jewellery Sieraad, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2012:                    Final exhibition, Alchimia, Florence Italy

                             “Hazardous Experiments” curated and organized by the class of the second year of

                              Alchimia, Valencia, Spain

                              Fair Joya Barcelona, Spain

                              Fair of contemporary Jewellery Sieraad, Amsterdam, Netherlands

                             “Beginning, Middle, Endless” at Alchimia,  Florence, Italy

2011:                     Final exhibition Alchimia, Florence Italy



2013 - 2015:          MFA Metal SUNY New Paltz, New York, USA

2010- 2013:           BFA at Alchimia, school of contemporary jewellery, Florence, Italy

2009 - 2010:          High school degree at Istituto psico-socio pedagogico A.Pieralli, Perugia Italy

2009 - 2010:          Interior design at the RUFA, Rome University of Fine Art, Rome Italy



2017 - 2018:         Artist in residence at Birmingham School of Jewellery, United Kingdom,

                             Designer and sales person at Downey Designs LTD, Birmingham, United Kingdom

2016 - 2017:         Artist in residence at Birmingham School of Jewellery, United Kingdom

2016:                    Internship at Anneville Studio, San Diego, California (jewellery studio assistant)

2015:                    Internship at Heidi Lowe Gallery, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (assistant during jewelry

                             classes and bench jeweler)

                             Sales assistant at the jewelry store Studio S, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

2014:                    Internship to college teaching (Basic metal class), Teacher’s Assistant at SUNY New

                             Paltz, USA


                             Oh My Blue Gallery, Venice, Italy

                             Taboo Studio, San Diego, California


2014                  RCPA funding (Research and creative project award)


2013:                     500 Necklaces Lark books (Necklace “Hands and  


2012:                     Morning Calm Magazine, June 2013 (Creative freedom)

                              Revista Còdigo